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Written Instructions on Threading LED's Down a Signal Mast

Make sure the opening for routing the LED cable through the side of the mast tube is at least .020” in diameter and thoroughly smooth as shown in Step 1 of any of our signal instruction sheets found on the website by clicking the instructions tab.

Make sure there are no obstructions in the tube itself by passing a stiff wire through it AFTER making the opening (.015” piano wire works well but .020” piano wire is best and should pass cleanly through the tube).

Cut all 4 LED wires flush. This will remove any extra solder that may still be present after the wires were tinned in manufacture.

Twist the 4 wire bundle into a tight cable up to the point where they are twisted together in manufacture. This will give the cable stiffness when working into the tube.

Carefully work the BOTTOM cable into the hole in the side of the mast by rolling and pushing. Take your time and do not overly force it - you do not want the cable to fold. Stop once the cable protrudes from the bottom of the tube 1/4 or 1/2”.

Cut and twist the top LED cable in the same way and work it into the TOP of the tube mast. It should easily move down the tube until it meets the bottom LED cable.

If possible, carefully mount the current assembly into a desktop “third hand” or vice to hold the tube stationary and hands free for the following step.

Gently PUSH the top LED cable into the top of the tube WHILE pulling the bottom LED cable out of the bottom of the tube. This push-pull procedure should allow both cables to exit the bottom of the tube without damage to the insulating layer on the wires.

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