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N GRS Pole Mount Searchlight Signal
This kit builds a GRS prototype single or double head searchlight signal Without compromising scale, we have designed our signals to hold our specially designed, micro tri-color LED right in the signal head which will eliminate fiber optics.

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  • This kit builds a GRS prototype single or double head searchlight signal Without compromising scale, we have designed our signals to hold our specially designed, micro tri-color LED right in the signal head which will eliminate fiber optics. These LEDs have been developed in partnership with Richmond Controls. We are happy with the results, as these signals emit a strong light. One LED light is required for each signal head, and yes, the wiring does fit inside the pole. The new Micro LEDs need to be purchased separately here on our website.

    Check out this page for links to videos by Peter Borcherds of Rochelle Intermodal on how to build these signals.

    Check out this YouTube Video from LS3Jack for build tips and how to especially thread the wire down the tube

    • Quality and affordability in one product!
      This is a great kit, and the kit can be made operable with available tri-color LEDs. That's a future project...
      The kit features nicely etched ladder, guarding, footboards, signal targets, snow shields, sign blanks and other signal signage. The mind-blowing detail here is noteworthy--you need a 10X loupe to read it, but the "End CTC" and "Begin CTC" signs are legible! The signal heads & bases are molded plastic, signal head mounting arms and electrical conduit boxes are all white metal castings. The signal mast is hollow brass tube, sufficiently large to feed all the LED wires down the tube, but still not look oversized and unsightly. I found the mounts for accessory plates to be very fragile once removed from the brass fret. You can fold them with tweezers and slide onto the mast, but it's a delicate operation. The etched fold area is thin and the mounts like to fold too far and then break when you attempt to fix it. Be patient--this is the price you pay for an accurate, to-scale product in 1:160 scale.

      Overall, it's easy to build. Good magnification is a must for older eyes, although the most tricky part is getting the ladder mounted. A good third-hand/helping hands tool would be perfect for this. Use a sharp #11 blade in your hobby knife to cut the photo-etched parts from the fret, and put a drop of CA adhesive on a disposable surface, then dip a bit of the part into it versus attempting to apply sparingly a tiny bit of adhesive from a chunky bottle nozzle. This keeps from getting glue everywhere it doesn't need to go. I have a battery-powered nail tool, a rotary tool I found in a cosmetics aisle of a local store. It has tiny rubberized polishing bits that are perfect to remove the extra etching flash at the points the part is removed from the fret. A light touch is all that's needed, and go slow to avoid going too far into the part.

      Some parts are so small they are difficult to apply to the model, such as the tiny block system signs. Again, a small price to pay for a quality scale model. A variety of them is included on the fret, some with etched letters for the various types of signal systems, others blank for your own decals.

      Lastly, they are friendly people. I had some questions about how to feed the 8 wires used in 2 LEDs on the dual-headed signals into the mast, and they calmly and professionally addressed my concerns. Each order I have made, Debbie reaches out with shipping updates for tracking, and that is a refreshing touch of personalized customer service slowly being lost in the online environment today.

      "PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA", as their site boldly announces. That alone is great! No affiliation, just a satisfied customer... Thank you!!!



      ND, USA

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    • Sounddog
      Overall, I like the product, Very Scale and detailed. However I found a few things which should be addressed,
      Using the 3 color LEDS times 2, I couldn't feed all the 8 wires down the mast together. I tried many times and different methods to get all 8 wires in the mast, the ID of the mast was just too small. I ended up running the lower signal head wires on the outside, which ruined the detail overall. One other thing I found was, the LED circuit board is too large to fit properly inside the lite fixture itself, it only fit "sideways" which means the brightness of the 3 colors was not even since the board was not flush. However, that can be adjusted using different resistor values to equal out the brightness.........


      Los Angeles

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