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HO Side View Mirrors
Includes 2 sets
SKU: 2312
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  • Includes 2 sets
    • Attaching the Fender Mirror
      The main truck mirrors on this highly modified, HO scale, A-Line Freightliner Columbia (by TON) are from A-line,
      because they most closely resembled those on our trucks. The right fender spot mirror, however, was from a
      Showcase Miniatures set. I describe below my experience of that set from Showcase Miniatures.

      The right fender spot mirror was part of Showcase Miniatures set # SKU 2312. (The side mirrors on this set were inappropriate to my model of the Freightliner sleepers which I drove. They are of a different type, usually used on earlier trucks, the so-called "Western" mirrors.) All of the mirrors in the SCM set are very finely etched on what appears to be very thin stainless steel or nickel silver. They are simply exquisite in detail. The first step in mounting the fender spot mirror was selecting the correct mirror (one is for the right fender and the other for the left), and then removing it from its frets. I used a new, sharp hobby knife blade to cut the right fender mirror loose. The fender spot mirror then required bending the forward-mounting leg 90 degrees to create the tripod which made up the prototype mounting. Then I painted the three legs and the back of the mirror black, as were the originals on our trucks. Though the mirror bracket could then be glued directly to the hood and fender, I elected to drill three small holes to take the three legs of the bracket. This was by far the most difficult part of the project. While my holes were approximately accurate, they were off a bit. Fortunately, the legs of the bracket bent enough to fit into the holes (with much groaning and some language unsuitable for gentile company!!!). The tools I found necessary included the hobby knife, fine tweezers, and a spot lamp when mounting the mirror.

      I am very pleased with the results. While there are aspects of the overall finished model which could be improved, none of those changes involve the fender spot mirror. It adds a great deal to the realism of the model for anyone who has driven one of our Freightliner sleepers.
      B Craft



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