In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight... Prov. 3:6

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HO Photo Etch Right Hand Semaphore Head Set #1
This fret contains various blades, lantern base and includes a Smash Board blade
SKU: 2343
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  • This fret contains various blades, lantern base and includes a Smash Board blade
    • Excellent still in the process iof painting and assembly. It will look great
      I built a new Rolling Lift bridge on my layout. Researching I found out that often the bridge approaches were protect by "Smash Board' Semaphore type signals. Showcases kit was just right for this situation. On a personal level it was great to see the Christian message in with the kit.
      Captain Bob


      Monroe, New York

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    • Gems in HO that everyone can work with!
      To be honest, I haven't gotten around to building the two train order signals I purchased last month along with all the "extras" to make them a great looking detail addition, and I will repeat this Review for all the products I bought in the order.

      However, I have gone thru the items thoroughly and am ASTOUNDED at what they have been able to come up with for a long-overlooked item for train order stations, especially for SP and WP stations! The parts are looking just great, they seem to be very well constructed and thought out as far as how they are attached to the sprues and such. Having gotten a couple of their US&S signal kits in the past, I know they make TREMENDOUSLY GOOD stuff.

      A hard-working family enterprise, designed and made here in the US! I should be getting into the nitty gritty of more construction on the layout and am positive that these items will be an easy build, and all I can say to the newer modeler that perhaps looks at them and feels intimated, DON'T BE. These are not "shake-the-box and it's ready" kits, but if you carefully read the instructions, look at the diagrams with the parts in front of you, and think logically in the assembly process, it's something that can be done!
      The Mighty Oz


      Leland, NC

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    • A perfect bargain
      Nothing compares to this detail and ease of assembly on the market, the photo etched parts are highly finished with clean edges, basic tools is all that is required to complete these kits but recommend an Optivisor or similar devise as some parts a very small but very easy to manage.

      100% satisfied with Service and Product.


      Lawton, MI.

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