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Buster Bush contributed the picture above. He said he scratch built this Chevrolet C-70 3 car carrier using a c-70 flatbad truck kit (about 15 years ago -2002)


Charles Tidd used Ford C- cab semi tractor - removed fuel tanks and the older Showcase 50s Garage body fit - no problem


I saw one of these on a road project on I 287 watering down a dusty site and thought it could be made fairly easily.
The chassis and cab are the showcase K
enworth tri-axle. The tank is from a railway express miniatures Euclid tank truck. The control cabinet is from the century foundry rail cabinet pack. The bumpers are from the showcase MOW kit and assorted other detail parts are from showcase as well. Spray pipes are evergreen plastic tubes. It's a fun project, quick, and adds a unique element to any big road job or quarry. Stuart Jacobson.


Roll on Roll off Dumpster Trucks

Quite simple actually: Cab of choice (ih, kenworth) Dumpsters are tomytec or cal freight. Main chassis is grapple truck; triaxle is too short. Dumpster rail is evergreen strips; extend two side strips beyond center strips, trim to length. Always nice to extend rail beyond chassis; a small piece of rod can be used for a roller bar when inserted between extended side strips- a nice touch Piston is evergreen tubing and rod. Showcase detail parts to choice- headache rack, mudflaps. Stuart Jacobson

RodneyGentry1.pngRodney Gentry


3 variations of industrial vacuum trucks - Kenworth triaxle or grapple truck chassis and cab, modify length; various round sprues cut to size for vacuum tubes and tanks; tomytec#3132 t10 type tank containers trimmed of bottom supports for main holding tank; evergreen plastic strips for bumpers, mud guards and tank supports; heavy duty cast wheels. Miscellaneous gold medal scraps for railings, valves; various showcase detail parts including buckets and barrels; monofilament nylon fishing line (black) for hoses. Up here the predominant color schemes are black (mcvac) or red and grey (clean harbors). Flat black Tamiya works well for me. They've held up pretty well. Stuart Jacobson


I used your "I" type builders pack and 3D printed propane tank bodies and used microscale decals to complete. Alexander (3rdboxcar)


Sometimes I get a little nostalgic and the old Mack B series just fits the bill, especially if you're working in the 50s and 60s. Trim a triaxle chassis, use the old b series cab, soup it up a little with wheels, grills and stacks and you've got yourself a great truck. When we were kids Adley, Carolina and St Johnsbury were big local truck companies and the liveries were red; hence I tend to use red pactra paints on these projects. Stuart Jacobson


I am Kitbashing a KW T800 day cab into a T800 with a sleeper. I am using the old showcase miniatures T600 sleeper and part of the frame from the #44 I type builders pack. I need to lengthen the frame. what is nice about the T800 kit is the 5th wheel is a separate part from the kit frame. so I marked on the original frame where the 5th wheel needs to be and then cut the main frame underneath halfway of the 5th wheel piece, this is to make the 5th wheel plate a gluing point, then I cut the frame from the builder kit to the length I needed then glued that to the 5th wheel plate [this makes a good bonding point for the two halves] I also used two fuel tanks from the #62 accessory set to lengthen the fuel tanks. For more pictures see Trainboard. Edwin Beldock

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